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My cousin Joaquin has been coming to Senior Care of Brevard since May of 2010. He was born disabled 62 years ago. My mother, Jennie, also went Senior Care back in 2000 and was there for 5 years until she passed away. Then my Aunt Ada started attending Senior Care back in 2005 and was there until she passed away. All of my family members had dementia. It was so reassuring to have my family cared for by this Senior Care. The staff is very compassionate, professional and loving in the care they give their clients. I have always been satisfied with their service. Most of all, they did everything they could to help me always checked up on me to see if I was doing okay. It was like I was important to them also. I highly recommend Senior Care of Brevard not only for the excellent care that is given, but because of the compassion shown to their clients. Senior Care of Brevard not only gives good care to the clients but they also make a concerted effort in meeting the needs of the caregiver, like myself." Lucy


"Never in my wildest imagination did I feel that I would be facing the problems that I am today.  My wife Susan, son and I had a very normal lifestyle.  At least we thought we did.  Susan was a kindergarten teacher and loved her job.

My wife developed some dander allergies, which is what seems to have started to turn our lives upside down. The school that Susan taught at said they did everything they could to meet her allergy needs, but then felt they could no longer meet the challenges of her allergies and allowed her to take a "very early" retirement.  Susan felt so devastated.  It was after this I began to notice personality changes. I thought she would get over it, but it continually worsened to the point that I had to have her evaluated by a physician who then felt she need a neurological exam.  Being told that she had developed a very early onset of Frontal-Temporal Lobe Dementia, I had no idea what that even meant.I couldn't leave Susan alone at home so the physician suggested placement in a nursing home.  That was out of the question so I looked for alternatives.  That is when I was introduced to Senior Care of Brevard.Senior Care of Brevard provides a valuable service for people who cannot care for themselves no matter what their age.  My wife being a friendly person fit right in there.  Her bubbly personality made it easy to be loved by all caring for her.I can't begin to explain how the service there eases the daily burden on the caregiver who has the responsibility for constant supervision. It lessens the worry on me knowing she is safe.  Senior Care has qualified staff that gives compassionate care.  For this, I thank them." Roger.

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